Malignity and a favoured son

Posted on May 31st, 2015, by Jan


When one is maligned and people listen to the maligning and believe it, how does one, the maligned, defend oneself? It isn’t simply an issue of social media, where you can see the written words, it’s word of mouth from a “favoured son”– quieter, sneakier, meaner and can sound oh so sincere.

It can be the “favoured son” who is doing the maligning and because he IS the ‘favoured son” people want to believe he is telling the truth, so they don’t give the person who has been maligned the opportunity to defend.

Instead, the collective won’t respond to emails from the maligned, they will no longer meet the eyes of the maligned.  But, they are comfortable with their actions because they want to believe.  They don’t want to believe their “favoured son” has lied.

Why?  For the good of society, for the good of the community, why won’t someone speak up? Stop the malignity.

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