You are an amazing representative of the people, Jan. A person with high ethics, integrity, accountability and true passion for doing what is right for the community and its people.  Something that should be standard, but that politics seems to be needing these days.  I truly wish you to be successful in this new direction.  You of all people will truly make a difference – and you will do it the right way!
– Pam Berger, Campbellville resident.


“We have Jan Mowbray to thank for high-speed internet in our community.  Jan identified our community’s desperate need for high speed communication and did something about it. She gathered a team of motivated people, she found provincial funding and she led the charge at Council and with Town staff.

Her efforts helped attract several suppliers when none had been interested in the past.  For any other Councillor or candidate to claim a lead role in getting us high speed internet just wouldn’t be accurate—or right.”
–Bruce Sharp, Technical Advisory Committee Leader,
Nassagaweya Broadband Committee


We are fortunate to have many hardworking politicians in our area.  Even among these, Jan Mowbray is special.    She is true citizen’s representative, working on the issues that our community cares about, sleeves rolled up.

Jan takes a special interest in creating a community with diversity, vitality and opportunity. She boosts our local business and service groups and has been particularly steadfast in her support of community-based organizations that help build self-confident girls and young women in our community—for which I am personally grateful.  Likely as not, many, many organizations are similarly appreciative of Jan Mowbray’s helping hand.

Jan invites and creates dialogue, bringing people together to solve problems and generate solutions.  She is a constant contributor to active community groups such as the Nassagaweya Community Consultation Committee, the Destination Campbellville Community Association and was one of the primary drivers of the process and multidisciplinary team that brought our new broadband internet infrastructure to Milton’s rural homes and businesses.  This initiative alone has already had a dramatic impact on the viability of our rural community and on the quality of many people’s lives and livelihoods.  We will be thanking Jan for this for years.

If Jan Mowbray’s past performance as our representative in Ward 3 is an indicator, she will represent all the people of Halton riding with unwavering respect, sincerity and diligence..

Toni Ritchie
Local Management Consultant, volunteer youth leader
and former spokesperson for the Nassagaweya Broadband Committee


Jan Mowbray was there to help with the strong objections by the farming community and the rural residents of Milton and Halton to the Regional Official Plan Amendment 38 (“ROPA38”).  A Natural Heritage Designation was to be placed over all lands in rural Halton. Thanks to some Halton farmers, and Jan’s help, speaking at Regional meetings, agriculture was protected from some of the unreasonable restrictions.
Jan does not give up and is a tireless worker for her constituents.

–June Barnes, Past President of the Halton Federation of  Agriculture  and Past President of the Ontario Charolais Association.


Jan Mowbray and I were two of the original co-founders in the creation of the Destination Campbellville Community Association…committed to making Nassagaweya a better place for those who live and work in this area. She assumed the role of our planning and development committee wherein the path for growth was determined and initiated.   We are proud to call her friend and associate and of what she has accomplished for the association and the community.”
–Stu Johnson, previous local resident


“Jan Mowbray took the independent initiative to be part of the 11th Concession Quarry fight.  No other Milton Councillor or candidate took an active and consistent role in this long-term effort to protect your family’s health, property value and enjoyment of your rural property.
–Margaret McCarthy, Flamborough Councillor 2000-2010